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20 Jan 2023 Tips and tricks Six areas new employers need to consider about recruitment and hiring Failure to comply with relevant employment laws can result in both criminal and civil liability. We set out six key areas new employers should consider when hiring employees for the first time. ... read more
20 Jan 2023 Tips and tricks What to expect from the legal process after agreeing heads of terms to lease your first office We outline below seven steps you should expect once you have instructed solicitors on an office lease. ... read more
19 Jan 2023 Tips and tricks What do I need to know when buying property through a company? There are occasions when buying a company that owns a target property can be advantageous to the buyer. We have set out below some of the key points that arise when buying property through a company for the first time. ... read more
18 Nov 2022 Industry News Autumn Statement 2022: the SEIS threshold increases survives While most of the announcements from September’s “mini-budget” have subsequently been rather ignominiously scrapped, it was confirmed yesterday in the Autumn Statement that the government is not planning to scrap the chang... read more
08 Nov 2022 Industry News Faith in Nature “put nature on the board” Faith in Nature, the body and haircare brand has become the first company in the world to “put nature on the board”. ... read more
24 Oct 2022 Industry News What is the position now for sole directors & the model articles? In the recent case Re Active Wear Limited (in administration) [2022] EWHC 2340 (Ch), the High Court was again faced with a company led by a sole director which had adopted the model articles. The issue in question was whether the sole direc... read more
29 Sep 2022 Industry News Last weeks ‘Mini-budget’ hikes the SEIS thresholds Last week’s ‘mini-budget’ certainly contained a few headline grabbing announcements. One less flagged measure, however, is the loosening of the rules relating to the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS). ... read more
20 Jul 2022 Industry News Young entrepreneurs made just £556m from business sales out of £28.9bn Boodle Hatfield, a leading private wealth law firm, says that young entrepreneurs* accounted for just 2% of value of all UK businesses sold in past year**. ... read more
05 Jul 2022 Industry News How employee ownership trusts work and what are the benefits? As we have seen an increase in the number of employee ownership trusts in the past years, Charlie Hewlett, Hugo Brown and Tom Lethaby at RVE Corporate Finance, clarify what they are and point out the fors and againsts. ... read more
16 Jun 2022 Industry News Transfer of ownership to employees increased 200% from 2019 to 2021 According to figures obtained from HMRC, the number of businesses transferring ownership to employees through Employee Ownership Trusts saw a sharp rise from 127 in 2019 to 384 in 2021. ... read more
06 Jun 2022 Industry News Where to next for crypto currency? Those crypto currencies which have managed to hang on despite the recent market meltdown and lack of government support have demonstrated their resilience in a way that many banks might have struggled to do. ... read more
25 May 2022 Tips and tricks Leasing your first office – what do you need to know? Things are going well and your business is growing. You are now considering leasing your first office. What potential costs do you need to factor into your decision? ... read more