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20 Jan 2023 Tips and tricks Six areas new employers need to consider about recruitment and hiring Failure to comply with relevant employment laws can result in both criminal and civil liability. We set out six key areas new employers should consider when hiring employees for the first time. ... read more
20 Jan 2023 Tips and tricks What to expect from the legal process after agreeing heads of terms to lease your first office We outline below seven steps you should expect once you have instructed solicitors on an office lease. ... read more
19 Jan 2023 Tips and tricks What do I need to know when buying property through a company? There are occasions when buying a company that owns a target property can be advantageous to the buyer. We have set out below some of the key points that arise when buying property through a company for the first time. ... read more
25 May 2022 Tips and tricks Leasing your first office – what do you need to know? Things are going well and your business is growing. You are now considering leasing your first office. What potential costs do you need to factor into your decision? ... read more
29 Apr 2022 Tips and tricks Incentive schemes – good for individuals, less so for teams At Boodle Hatfield we often help clients introduce incentive schemes for their employees (and indeed I am implementing one today). ... read more
07 Mar 2022 Tips and tricks Commercial Contracts – Six questions to ask yourself when limiting liability At Boodle Hatfield we deal with a whole range of commercial contracts. Regardless of whether it’s a contract for the sale of furniture or the supply of software, however, the most crucial clauses are often those where the parties attempt ... read more
26 Nov 2021 Tips and tricks Six things to understand before selling to Private Equity Selling a stake in your business to fund growth? Or perhaps your exit route is to sell outright to a Private Equity firm? Either way it pays to approach it in the right way. Read these six things you should understand before embarking on th... read more
02 Jun 2021 Tips and tricks Can’t find a buyer for your company? Sell it tax free to your employees. Employee ownership trusts are becoming increasingly popular for those looking to sell up, and for good reason, as we discuss… ... read more
25 May 2021 Industry NewsTips and tricks UK’s pandemic start-up boom – hidden risks for divorcing entrepreneurs Entrepreneurs who are setting up businesses of their own ought to give careful consideration about the extent of the involvement of their spouse in their new endeavour… ... read more
17 May 2021 LegislationTips and tricks Post-termination restrictive covenants – 6 things you need to know In the context of employment contracts, a ‘post-termination restrictive covenant’ is a clause in the contract which seeks to prevent a departing employee from engaging in certain activities after their employment has ended. (cli... read more
22 Mar 2021 Tips and tricks Exits: six things you need to think about As much as our entrepreneur clients love their businesses, for many it is the potential for a lucrative exit event that keeps them putting in the hours. The ideas covered are targeted at founders looking to exit via a sale of their business... read more
04 Jan 2021 Ethics and sustainabilityIndustry NewsLegislationTips and tricks Becoming a B Corp – the legal implications Boodle Hatfield Associate, Hugo Brown and junior client advisor at Rothschild & Co, Tom O’Keeffe, outline what a B Corporation is, why more businesses no longer regard ESG as optional and the legal implications involved.  ... read more